Winter the dolphin

Go beyond a typical aquarium experience and explore the world of marine life rescue. CMA is home to Winter the dolphin, star of the Hollywood-produced Dolphin Tale movies that tell her story of survival after losing her tail to injury. Both movies were filmed on location, where you can see actual movie set areas and props. See rescued dolphins, sea turtles, otters and more. Discover the working animal hospital. Be inspired and educated by presentations, educational games and exhibits.

New and Exciting at Clearwater Marine Aquarium!

Clearwater Marine Aquarium has just completed a multi-million dollar expansion that's tripled the space the marine rescue facility has for wildlife rehabilitation. Part of that expansion is the just-opened Ruth and J.O. Stone Dolphin Complex where Winter, Hope and their dolphin friends have settled in. The beautiful new habitat has a massive window - 16 feet tall and 40 feet wide - that allows amazing views of the dolphins, including Rudy and Rex, two rough-toothed dolphins, a species rarely seen by humans.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium also has a brand-new exhibit called Whales: Living with Giants that will run March 21 through April 31. Through multi-media exhibits, visitors will be immersed in the undersea world of some of the world's largest - and most gentle - creatures. The new attraction includes a life-sized whale gallery, an interactive zone for kids and a virtual reality eperience.

Meet Winter and Hope

Don’t miss a chance to see Winter and her best friend Hope, dolphin celebrities and stars of the two Dolphin Tale movies. Winter’s story of injury, challenge and healing as well as her warm relationship with rescued friend, Hope, have inspired people from around the world. Winter was only about two months old when she was discovered by a fisherman after being caught in a crab trap line. Unfortunately, her tail was too damaged to be saved, but she learned to swim without a tail and eventually adapted to using an amazing prosthetic tail. Five years later, she was joined by Hope, who was also rescued as a baby.

Winter's Webcam

Other Animals You Can See at CMA

While CMA's dolphins are undoubtedly the big draw for visitors, the aquarium is also home to a number of other fascinating marine animals, including rescued loggerhead, green and Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles (the rarest sea turtle species in the world). You can also see native Florida animals such as white pelicans, otters, sharks and stingrays.

Critter Count

Dolphin and Wildlife Boat Tours

CMA’s Dolphin and Wildlife Boat Tour on scenic Clearwater Bay is wildly popular! Make a reservation to enjoy 60 minutes of boating bliss, with a naturalist narrating the trip. You’ll learn about St. Pete/Clearwater’s local dolphin population as well as other Florida wildlife along the way.

Boat Tours

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