Ultimate List of Street Art in St. Pete

Come check out the crazy-cool street art in St. Pete, where hundreds of murals make the city seem like an outdoor art museum.

The streets of St. Petersburg have lit up with creativity and color. Myriad urban murals and street art of all sizes, shapes and styles have popped up around the Sunshine City. Many of the newest additions come from the annual mural festival called SHINE St. Pete, which takes place in October each year. Take a guided walking tour or discover them on your own with this comprehensive, ever-growing list. 


Black Lives Matter Street Mural, Deuces Live

Artists: Eric Hornsby, Plum Howlett, James E. Hartzell, Melanie Posner, Jade Jackson, Jujmo, Von Walters, John Gascot, Mega Supremo, Laura Spencer, Wayward Walls, Daniel Barojas, Nuclear Sky, Vitale Bros. About the mural: Painted by 16 local artists, this beautiful BLACK LIVES MATTER mural was unveiled at the Carter G Woodson African American Museum to celebrate Juneteenth, and to show support for the BLM movement. 

Explore the Black Lives Matter Street Mural

St. Pete Pride Street Mural, Grand Central District

The Artist: Local artists and volunteers. About the mural: In collaboration with the City of St. Pete and St. Pete Pride, local artists and volunteers worked through the night in the summer of 2020 to bring this all-inclusive PRIDE mural to life. It includes 11 colorful stripes to include LGBTQ+ people of color as well as the transgender community by including their flag. St. Pete is home to one of the biggest Pride events in the South, and the event was born in the Grand Central District.

Explore the St. Pete Pride Street Mural

Hello Sunshine, Dr. M.L.K. Arts District

The Artist: Leo Gomez. About the mural: With a keen eye for hand-lettering and color that pops, Leo Gomez adds an element of excitement to this historic low-key neighborhood. "Hello Sunshine" features a friendly message and combination of vibrant colors inspired by the colorful people of the neighborhood, its culture and hues you’ll likely spot found in the eclectic surrounding area.

Explore the Hello Sunshine Mural

Sunshine On My Mind, Warehouse Arts District

The Artist: Leo Gomez. About the mural: Typography king Leo Gomez painted this as part of SHINE in 2019, and it couldn’t be more fitting – St. Pete is, after all, nicknamed the Sunshine City. The cursive pink lettering against a bold blue backdrop create a cheerful pop of color amid the workshops of the Warehouse Arts District.

Explore the Sunshine On My Mind Mural

Bait & Switch, Warehouse Arts District

Artist: Vitale Bros. About the mural: Legendary local muralists, the Vitale Bros., team up with Pangeaseed Foundation and Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans, to bring this fun, underwater scene to life in the Warehouse Arts District for SHINE 2019.

Explore the Bait & Switch Mural

La Emperatriz, Warehouse Arts District

Artist: Paola Delfin. About the mural: Hailing all the way from Mexico, SHINE 2019 artist Paola Delfin brings her signature, monochromatic portraiture to the Warehouse Arts District. The piece’s title is Spanish for “the empress.”

Explore the La Emperatriz Mural

The 8th Funky Fish Town, Warehouse Arts District

Artist: Blaine Fontana and Plastic Birdie. About the mural: Hailing all the way from Portland, Oregon, SHINE 2019 artists Blaine Fontana and Plastic Birdie teamed up with Pangeaseed Foundation and Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans to bring us this massive sea-themed wall. Their aim was to bring awareness to overfishing and native species eradication and call for healthy oceans for generations to come.

Explore the 8th Funky Fish Town Mural

Temple Of Eternal Bliss, Warehouse Arts District

Artist: Pale Horse. About the mural: Hailing all the way from Portland, Oregon, SHINE 2019 artists Blaine Fontana and Plastic Birdie teamed up with Pangeaseed Foundation and Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans to bring us this massive sea-themed wall. Their aim was to bring awareness to overfishing and native species eradication and call for healthy oceans for generations to come. 

Explore the Temple Of Eternal Bliss Mural

Feelings, Warehouse Arts District

Artist: Reda Pekatore. About the mural: Local artist Reda Pekatore brought his abstract, surrealist portraiture to the Warehouse Arts District for SHINE 2019. The piece shows fragments of faces of people in various emotional states.

Explore the Feelings Mural

Golden Girl, Warehouse Arts District

Artist: Princess Smith. About the mural: As part of the 2019 Shine Mural Festival, local artist Princess Smith portrays a young Black girl flexing her bicep against a bold yellow backdrop.

Explore the Golden Girl Mural

Dangerous Visions, The Edge District

The Artist: SHOK-1. About the mural: L London-based artist SHOK-1 brought his unique and characteristic x-ray technique to The Edge District with this killer mural named "Dangerous Visions" for SHINE Mural Fest 2019.

Explore the Dangerous Visions Mural

[Untitled], MLK North District

Artist: The Low Bros. About the mural: On a wall of the venue Nova 535, this piece was created by Berlin-based duo Low Bros. Part of the 2019 SHINE Mural Fest, it combines retro aesthetics with modern themes.

Explore the [Untitled] Mural

Mask Off, MLK North District

Artist: Drew Merritt. About the mural: This L.A.-based artist’s luminous portrait style was part of the 2019 SHINE Mural Festival. In what could be a subtle nod to the event’s Florida locale, it feature a young woman holding a small gator head.

Explore the Mask Off Mural

How To Crack The Strange, Edge District

Artist: Morning Breath. About the mural: Back for SHINE 2019 having lost their first SHINE mural to construction, these talented Brooklyn artists are known for keeping it weird with their boundary-pushing illustrative style

Explore the How To Crack The Strange Mural

Ecstatic Dancers, Edge District

Artist: Taylor White. About the mural: Hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina, SHINE 2019 artist Taylor White finds inspiration from improvisational dance and exquisitely expressive movements of the human figure – something the dancers’ rosy hues heightens.

Explore the Ecstatic Dancers Mural

Sewing Seas, Central Arts District

Artist: Taj Francis. About the mural: Jamaican-born Taj Francis brought his abstract and colorful style to the SHINE 2019 lineup with this new piece in the Grand Central District, titled Sewing Seas. Like much of his work, it’s a portrait of a Black woman whose likeness is interspersed with vibrant color in a thought-provoking manner.

Explore the Sewing Seas Mural

Sicker Than Your Average, Grand Central District

Artists: Derek Donnelly and Leo Gomez. About the mural: This Biggie Smalls tribute was painted by local, legendary artists, Derek Donnelly and Leo Gomez. Proof that "Legends Are Forever" and that hip hop is alive and well in St. Pete.

Explore the Notorious B.I.G. Mural

Lucky You, Central Arts District

Artist: Jimmy Breen & Anthony Freese. About the mural: Local artists Jimmy Breen and Anthony Freese, brought their edgy illustrative style to the towering facade of 1701 Central for SHINE 2019. It’s one you can see from I-275. 

Explore Lucky You Mural

Top Hat Dave, Central Arts District

Artist: David Charlton. About the mural: This intriguing mural is a fantastical depiction of a knight astride a giant snail, among other things. Local, open-call artist David Charlton brought his surrealist style to the Central Arts District for SHINE 2019.

Explore Top Hat Dave Mural

Pride & Love, Central Arts District

Artists: Chad Mize & Jay Hoff. About the mural: Local artists Chad Mize and Jay Hoff teamed up to bring us this Lego themed "Pride and Love" mural to the Central Arts District as part of SHINE 2019 Bright Spots.

Explore Pride & Love Mural

Floral Handball Court, Campbell Park

Artist: George Rose. About the mural: Hailing all the way from Australia, SHINE 2019 artist George Rose brings her signature vibrant floral patterns to brighten up the handball court at Campbell Park.

Explore the Floral Handball Court Mural

Common Ground 2.0, Museum Waterfront District

Artist: Cecilia Lueza. About the mural: Argentine-born artist Cecilia Lueza gave this small concrete at North Shore Park a much needed makeover with her colorful geometric style as part of SHINE 2019. Find it just north of the volleyball courts.

Explore the Common Ground Mural

Cultosaurus, St. Pete

Artist: Derek Donnelly. About the mural: A nostalgic mural paying homage to 70s, 80s and 90s pop culture, this two-story work features characters from cult classics like Planet of the Apes and Mars Attacks.

Explore the Cultosaurus Mural

St. Pete Mural by Tasko, Warehouse Arts District

Artist: Tasko. About the mural: Local artist Tasko left his mark for SHINE 2018 with this graffiti-style St. Pete mural, a nod to old-school street art.

Explore the St. Pete Mural by Tasko Mural

Treasures of Morocco, Warehouse Arts District

Artist: Michael Vahl. About the mural: Local artist, Michael Vahl, brought his unique and intricate style to this Rorschach inspired wall to the Warehouse Arts District for SHINE 2018.

Explore Treasures of Morocco

Progress, Warehouse Arts District

Artist: Sarah Page. About the mural: Facing the Pinellas Trail, this aspirational work by local artist Sarah Page was inspired by Anna Lee Fisher, the first mother in space.

Explore Progress by Sarah Page

[Untitled], Warehouse Arts District

Artist: Justin Wagher. About the mural: Set against the typical St. Pete backdrop (i.e., a sun-filled blue sky), local artist Justin Wagher’s monochromatic depiction of power lines is a study in contrasts. He created it as part of SHINE 2018.

Explore the Mural

Common Ground, Central Arts District

The Artist: Cecilia Lueza. About the mural: First painted as part of the 2016 SHINE Mural Festival, this piece by Argentinian-born Cecilia Lueza applies the phrase “street art” quite literally, as this colorful, geometric mural covers the ground of an entire downtown intersection.

Explore Common Ground

Eye of the Storm, Central Arts District

Artist: Ricky Watts. About the mural: Also known as “Space Rainbows,” this eye-catching piece made its debut in St. Pete in 2015, and continues to turn heads. It sits just steps away from plenty of other iconic St. Pete murals on the city’s storied 600 Block.

Explore Eye of the Storm

[Untitled], Central Arts District

Artist: Shark Toof. About the mural: The Los Angeles-based graffiti artist known as Shark Toof uses shark imagery to show "strength, optimism, and a possibility to the viewer." His large-scale murals and gallery exhibits are shown across the nation and has been used in Samsung and Apple advertisements. This mural was created as part of the 2015 SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival. Find it behind Floridian Social Club on Central Ave.; it’s the perfect photo op.


You Are My Sunshine, Central Arts District

Artist: Jeffrey Sincich and Josh Stover. About the mural:  St. Pete is nicknamed the Sunshine City, and for good reason – most days here are good and sunny. Naturally, the city’s official song is “You Are My Sunshine,” and this mural pays tribute to that on the east side of the Morean Arts Center.

Explore You Are My Sunshine Mural

Mr. Sun, Central Arts District

Artist: Chad Mize & Nikolas Kekllas. About the mural: Two of the leaders in the St. Pete mural movement, Chad Mize and Nikolas Kekllas portray a refreshed version of Mr. Sun, a character created by Griffin Advertising in the 1940s to promote the Sunshine City. Just like St. Pete itself, the mural is a vibrant blend of old and new.

Explore Mr. Sun Mural

Twiggy, Central Arts District

Artist: Chad Mize. About the mural: This muted, starry-eyed depiction of 60s fashion icon Twiggy contrasts this area's bolder murals. The mural's vibe and colors were inspired by a piece local muralist Chad Mize had done in 2013 of the model. He's been doing paints of Twiggy since 2003 – he cites her androgynous style, 60s aesthetic and striking eyes as his inspiration. 

Explore Twiggy Mural

365 Million Things To Do, Central Arts District

Artist: Derek Donnelly. About the mural: This is the second piece completed by Donnelly's AARP project on the east side of the Morean Arts Center. The T-Rex dinosaur that's going fishing and the raptor on a jet ski represent the older generation of St. Pete enjoying life to the fullest. 

Explore 365 Million Things To Do Mural

Keep On Cruising (Xtreme Ethel), Central Arts District

Artist: Derek Donnelly. About the mural: This playful mural depicts AARP founder Ethel Andrus busting out some moves on a skateboard. A tribute to the organization that advocates for older Americans, the piece is also a nod to St. Petersburg’s retiree population. Find it on the west-facing wall of the Morean Arts Center.

Explore Keep On Cruising Mural

The Blue Goose, Central Arts District

Artist: Vitale Bros. About the mural: In blues and grays, this Vitale Bros. mural heralds the aptly named bar, the Blue Goose, a popular spot for the local creative community, where you’ll also find the work of local artists on its internal walls. 

Explore Blue Goose Mural

St. Tampasburg, Central Arts District

Artist: Man Made Murals and DeLaPlane Studios. About the mural: Mimicking the lettering on vintage postcards, this mural is a tribute to St. Pete and its neighbor across the bay.

Explore St. Tampasburg

Life Reimagined, Central Arts District

Artist: Sarah Sheppard. About the mural: Part of a collaboration with senior advocacy group AARP, this mural is a statement on disrupting the aging process. It is painted on the back wall of the Morean Arts Center (facing 1st Ave. N.).

Explore Life Reimagined Mural

Time to Think, Central Arts District

Artist: Derek Donnelly and Sebastian Coolidge. About the mural: Situated on the rear wall of Florida CraftArt, this towering mural is a statement about the relationship between big business and art.

Explore Time to Think Mural

Woo Tribute, Central Arts District

Artist: Derek Donnelly, Sebastian Coolidge and various additional artists. About the mural: After the death of beloved St. Pete muralist Bill “Woo” Correira in 2013, the art community came together to collaborate on this vibrant tribute to him.

Explore Woo Tribute Mural

Mr Loudmouth & Friends, Central Arts District

Artist: Greg Mike. About the mural: Atlanta-based Greg Mike’s vibrant creation is a larger-than-life example of his playful style. Located on the east-facing wall of the building that houses popular Edge District bar The Bends.

Explore Mr Loudmouth & Friends Mural

Faces, Central Arts District

Artist: BASK. About the mural: Tampa-based artist Bask created this black-and-white mural on the east-facing side of the building that now houses popular bar/boutique Brutique.

Explore Faces Mural

Tecumseh, Central Arts District

Artist: David Rothman. About the mural: This vivid and dreamy large-scale mural of a Native American girl and her horse was created by artist David Rothman. Featuring a quote from Shawnee leader Tecumseh, it’s situated on the north-facing wall of the building.

Explore Tecumseh Mural

Uptown Laundromat, MLK North District

The Artist: Chad Mize. About the mural: This vibrant tribute to this historic St. Pete neighborhood was created by Chad Mize with help from artist Niko. While the “laundromat” building now houses a yoga studio, a hip cafe and a chic neighborhood market, the mural is still a colorful neighborhood in this beloved neighborhood. It’s located a few blocks east of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street. 

Explore Uptown Laundromat Mural

Girl with Doberman, Edge District

Artist: Evoca1. About the mural: Miami-based Evoca1’s SHINE 2015 installation covers three stories and spans the entire width of this large building. It depicts a young girl resting against a sleeping doberman who wears a muzzle.

Explore Girl with Doberman Mural

The Rays Tunnel, Edge District

Artist: Ya La'Ford. About the mural: This geometric design, enhanced by blue lights, leads you to and from Tropicana Field, home of the Tampa Bay Rays, via the subterranean tunnel that takes fans from Ferg’s to the stadium beneath 1st Ave. S.


Explore Rays Tunnel Mural

Ibis and Mangroves, Edge District

Artist: Hitnes. About the mural: As part of a series of murals inspired by Audubon’s bird-spotting trek from Pennsylvania to Florida, Italian street artist Hitnes painted this on the side of the U-Haul Moving & Storage building near Tropicana Field.

Explore Ibis and Mangrove Mural

The Cool Kids, Grand Central District

Artist: Vitale Bros. About the mural: Painted on the west wall of the building here, this Shine 2015 mural, painted by Vitale Bros., depicts the faces of laughing children against a vibrant backdrop.

Explore Cool Kids Mural

On the Road, Grand Central District

The Artist: Caratoes. About the mural: Artist Caratoes traveled to St. Pete from Hong Kong to create this mural for SHINE 2016. Born in Belgium, she is a street artist, illustrator and "space engineer" whose characters can be envisioned living and interacting with the environment they are painted in.

Explore On the Road Mural

Drifting, Grand Central District

Artist: Sebastian Coolidge. About the mural: This towering and surreal piece depicts a couple drifting in a boat through an endless galaxy. The male figure has a troubled character as depicted by the bear in his chest, the teeth surrounding him and his broken oar. The female represents hope and light. 

Explore Drifting Mural

Bloom Art Center, M.L. King North District

Artist: Various. About the mural: Arts collective Bloom Art Center’s kaleidoscopic external walls feature a bevy of surreal depictions that often serve as statements on current events. This 20,000 sq ft warehouse is covered with mural art on all sides, indoors and out from the area's most popular and up-and-coming artists.

Explore Bloom Art Center Mural

Under the Sea, Warehouse Arts District

Artist: Vitale Bros. About the mural: Painted by widely known artists John and Paul Vitale, this aquatically inspired mural depicts several sea creatures, including a sea turtle, a swordfish and a trio of dolphins surrounded by beautiful coral reefs.

Explore Under the Sea Mural

Disco Circus, Warehouse Arts District

Artist: Andrew Spear. About the mural: This vibrant mural was created as part of the SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival, 2015. It features bold colorful waves, a horse and pink elephants.

Explore Disco Circus Mural

Beautiful Women in Another Dimension, Warehouse Arts District

Artist: Erik Jones. About the mural: This mural creates a futuristic illusion of traveling through another dimension where a beautiful woman awaits on the other side using realistic portrayal of human faces juxtaposed against colorful abstract shapes.

Explore Beautiful Women in Another Dimension Mural

Homage to Duncan McClellan, Warehouse Arts District

Artist: Akut and Center One. About the mural: Berlin-based Akut and St. Pete-based Center One created this kaleidoscopic collage covering part of popular glass artist Duncan McClellan’s studio – it mimics McClellan's own glasswork.

Explore Homage to Duncan McClellan Mural

St. Pete Pier, Warehouse Arts District

Artist: Michael Vasquez. About the mural: A large-scale mural depicting the iconic inverted pyramid structure of the St. Pete Pier.

Explore St. Pete Pier Mural

King’s Dream Unite, Deuces Live

Artist: Ya La'ford with the help of MYcoSchool Pinellas high school students. About the mural: Created by local artist Ya La'ford with the help of MYcroSchool Pinellas high school students, the "King's Dream Unite" mural is located at the historic Manhattan Casino in St. Petersburg. A tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.'s legacy, this piece was unveiled on MLK Day 2016. Best showcased at night, the mural features blue lights to symbolize a brighter future for our youth. 

Explore King’s Dream Unite Mural

Ella, Deuces Live

Artist: Zulu Painter. About the mural: Located in the Historic Deuces Live neighborhood of St. Pete, this stunning mural perfectly depicts the captivating and legendary singer Ella Fitzgerald. This beautiful piece was created by a local artist, Zulu Painter. It captures the essence of this historically Black neighborhood and its rich history. 

Explore the Ella Fitzgerald Mural

Ego and Identity, Central Arts District

Artist: Michael Reeder. About the mural: With an emphasis on realistic portraiture, this Los Angeles-based artist’s mural hints at the interplay between individual ego and identity.

Explore Ego and Identity Mural

Dasic Fernandez, Central Arts District

Artist: Dasic Fernandez. About the mural: Chile-born Dasic Fernandez delivers his signature bold style by way of a human surrounded by darkness yet illuminated with vibrant spectral light.

Explore Dasic Fernandez Mural

SHINE, Warehouse Arts District

Artist: Hueman. About the mural: A dark yet playful folkloric mural inspired by the happenings of a Spanish conquistador and soldier, Panfilo De Narvaez, a figure in the conquests of Jamaica and Cuba in the years between 1509 and 1512. On April 14 or 15, 1528, he is said to have landed near Tampa Bay.

Explore SHINE Mural

Stephen Palladino, Edge District

Artist: Stephen Palladino. About the mural: Created as part of the 2017 Shine Mural Festival, this colorful wall depicts numerous characters alongside though-provoking phrases.

Explore Stephen Palladino Mural

Inner Visions, Edge District

Artist: Mikael B. About the mural: This vibrant blend of sharp geometric shapes and fluid natural forms was created as part of the 2017 Shine Mural Festival.

Explore Inner Visions Mural

Cthulhu Lulu, M.L. King North District

Artist: Lauren YS. About the mural: This large-scale mural, created during SHINE Mural Festival 2017, brings a sense of wonder to the St. Pete community, depicting a heroine of the sea. Lauren's art appears at festivals such as Art Basel Miami, Pow!Wow! Hawaii, and PangeaSeed SeaWalls, as well as in galleries in Vienna, London, and Sydney.

Explore Cthulhu Lulu Mural

Tlaloc Mural, Edge District

Artist: Daniel Barojas. About the mural: This mural, created by Mexico-born Barojas, depicts Tlaloc, the Aztec god of fertility and rain, with vibrant primary colors and sharp geometric elements.

Explore Tlaloc

Aquatic Forest Landscape, Grand Central District

Artist: Jujmo. About the mural: Tampa-based artist Jujmo brings her affinity for color to life through drawings and paintings of happy, intertwined worlds. Fanciful, cartoonish, and strange aquatic creatures collide in this densely patterned mural located on 1st Ave. S. in St. Pete.

Explore Aquatic Forest Landscape Mural

[Untitled], Grand Central District

Artist: Jose Mertz. About the mural: An artist and image-maker based in Miami, Jose Mertz pushes an experimental style inspired by ancient civilizations, science fiction, eastern philosophy, and the supernatural.

Explore the Mural

Sam Yong, 1st Ave. S

Artist: Sam Yong. About the mural: This stunning mural includes Florida's local bird of prey, the Osprey. After Hurricane Irma hit Florida in 2017, Sam decided to incorporate the stormy seas into his design and the osprey with the lantern became a narrative for a beacon and navigation and finding your way through the storm.

Explore Sam Yong Mural

Shining Queen, Grand Central District

Artist: Suarez Art. About the mural: Depicting a young woman with flowing hair in contrasting blues, yellows and oranges, this mural adorns the east-facing wall of Swingers Patio Bar & Grill.

Explore Shining Queen Mural

The Great Utterance, Warehouse Arts District

Artist: Cryptik. About the mural: Southern California artist Cryptik hypnotically blends Eastern philosophical mantras with black letter bombing, merging the ancient and sacred in a modern quest for awareness. The mural, titled "The Great Utterance" is a prayer to the sun created for SHINE St. Pete 2017. 

Explore Great Utterance Mural

[Untitled], Grand Central District

Artist: Joram Roukes. About the mural: This playful composition is built around narrative and irony through balanced tension and impressionistic images. Joram Roukes was born in the Netherlands and is an internationally working fine artist recognized for collage-like assemblages and perspectives on contemporary culture, such as this mural.

Explore the Mural

Harmony, Edge District

Artist: Axel Void & L.E.O. About the mural: The mural is based on a juxtaposition of two images. The one in the background is an interpretation from a photograph taken in Washington Square Park, where people get together once a year and have a pillow fight. In the circle is a launch drill in North Korea.

Explore Harmony Mural

A Swarm of Fish, Grand Central District

Artist: Pantonio. About the mural: A lush underwater scene teeming with black fish and aquatic plant life, this piece is full of movement. Portuguese muralist Pantonio painted this on the side of the Imagine Museum.

Explore Swarm of Fish Mural

Eye Candy, Historic Uptown/M.L. King North

Artist: Vitale Bros. About the mural: From Mickey Mouse all the way to Monsters, Inc., this mural blends together beloved animated characters from across generations in a nostalgic tribute to the cartoons that helped shape many a childhood. Painted by the Vitale Bros., this piece is located on the west-facing wall of The Unitarian Universalist Church of St. Pete. 

Explore Eye Candy Mural

Pacific Counter, Central Arts District

Artist: Chad Mize. About the mural: Painted on the back of a popular pan-Asian restaurant in downtown St. Pete, this mural is a fun and funky depiction of pineapples, palm trees, hibiscus and all the other fun stuff that the Pacific Coast and St. Pete have in common.

Explore Pacific Counter Mural

St. Pete Birds, Crescent Heights (M.L. King North District)

Artist: Daas & Cecilia Lueza. About the mural: This mural decorates the wall of Jwag's Saloon on 4th Street North in St. Pete. Artists Daas and Cecilia Lueza collaborated to create this nature-themed wall, bringing to life a geometric representation of some of the birds that dwell in St. Pete.

Explore St. Pete Birds Mural

Marilyn Monroe, Grand Central District

Artist: Vitale Bros. About the mural: This portrait of the iconic actress Marilyn Monroe covers the west-facing side of Playhouse Theater in St. Pete. Painted by the Vitale Bros., this stunning mural brings a touch of old-school Hollywood glamour to St. Pete’s Central Avenue.

Explore Marilyn Monroe Mural

We Are Going to Be Friends, Warehouse Arts District

Artist: DAAS. About the mural: This mural was created during the 2018 SHINE Mural Festival. The geometric style uses lines and angles reminiscent of origami folds. The wall paints a story of a young girl and her life experiences, featuring interactions with animals and the natural environment.

Explore We Are Going to Be Friends Mural

Return to the Sea, Warehouse Arts District

Artist: Nomad Clan. About the mural: A dark yet playful folkloric mural inspired by the happenings of a Spanish conquistador and soldier, Panfilo De Narvaez, a figure in the conquests of Jamaica and Cuba in the years between 1509 and 1512. On April 14 or 15, 1528, he is said to have landed near Tampa Bay.

Explore Return to the Sea Mural

Existence is Absurd, Warehouse Arts District

Artist: LOOK The Weird. About the mural: A thought-provoking mural that is all about Florida and the environment.

Explore Existence is Absurd Mural

[Untitled], Warehouse Arts District

Artist: Belin. About the mural: This mural was painted by Spanish artist, Miquel Angel Belinchon Bujes, commonly known as Belin, during the 2018 SHINE Mural Festival. He masterfully blends realism with cubism that creates a uniquely modern technique reminiscent of Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali.

Explore the Mural

[Untitled], Edge District

Artist: Angela Faustina. About the mural: The Atlanta-based artist who created this vibrant masterpiece, located right behind Green Bench Brewing Co., for the 2018 SHINE Mural Festival. It captures macro details of juicy fruit at the height of ripeness. Her vibrant perspective on the sticky sweetness of organic produce reflects the colors and beauty of life.

Explore the Mural

A New Day, Warehouse Arts District

Artist: Gibbs Rounsavall. About the mural: This vivid abstract explores the interplay between color, light and shape in a way that creates movement.

Explore A New Day Mural

[Untitled], M.L. King North District

Artist: J&S Signs. About the mural: Created as part of SHINE 2018, this nostalgic mural was created using inspiration from vintage Florida and St. Pete architecture, signs and more. 

Explore the Mural

[Untitled], Edge District

Artist: Bekky Beukes. About the mural: South Africa-born Bekky Beukes employs her signature use of contrasts and ethereal figures in this mural, which faces east.

Explore the Mural

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Warehouse Arts District

Artist: Matt Kress. About the mural: Bucs fan or not, you’ll appreciate this vibrant tribute to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which features a colorful pirate ship at twilight, mid-cannon blast. The NFL team for the Tampa Bay region (including St. Pete-Clearwater), the Bucs won the Super Bowl in 2021.

Explore Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mural

[UNTITLED], Waterfront Museum District

Artist: Cecilia Luenza. About the mural: Cecilia Lueza is known for vibrant public art pieces in a range of media. This mural was created for the 2018 SHINE Mural Festival and is located on the side of One St. Pete at 100 1st Ave. N. It was inspired by that magical time between daylight and darkness. It explores the visual effects of color and movement while evoking wonder and contemplation.

Explore the Mural

Carbon Punishment, Edge District

Artist: Brian Butler. About the mural: With a nod to the Tampa Bay area’s heavy metal scene,  Miami-based Shine 2020 artist Brian Butler uses two walls to confront a lesser-known aspect of climate change: ocean acidification. One features a metal-inspired, skull-shaped crab surrounded by sea creature remains; the other depicts mollusks and corals as the pH scale. Located on the wall of MÜV Dispensary, 1101 1st Ave. N. The mural is meant to be viewed with accompanying tracks written by Miami metal band Torche.

Explore Carbon Punishment Mural

[Sharks & Stingrays/Title Unkown], Edge District

Artist: Mason Schwake. About the mural: Get face-to-face with the endangered sharks that live miles off the coast of St. Pete Clearwater with this vibrant mural by Mason Schwake as part of SHINE Mural Festival 2020. The mural aims to raise awareness of the fragile marine ecosystems that surround St. Pete-Clearwater.

Explore Sharks & Stingrays Mural

Blooms, Grand Central District

Artist: iBOMS. About the mural: Covering part of Grand Central Brewhouse’s west-facing wall, this massive mural aims to draw attention to red tide, a toxic algae that periodically affects coastal areas. It was part of SHINE Mural Festival’s ocean conservation theme in 2020, Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans.

Explore Blooms Mural

Global Currency, Grand Central District

Artists: Nneka Jones and Bianca Burrows. About the mural: Consider this mural in three segments: the net packed to the gills with dead fish and dollar bills, the face of mother nature, looking back in scorn and the lotus leaf that invites viewers to reflect on their actions. This was part of SHINE Mural Festival’s 2020 edition, which had a theme of ocean conservation awareness.

Explore Global Currency Mural

Water Quality Mural, Grand Central District

Artist: Lili Yuan. About the mural: This incredibly detailed work of public art depicts a woman in an ethereal red dress sitting in a bright pool of turquoise water contemplating a white flower. Situated on the building’s east-facing wall, it was created as part of SHINE Mural Fest 2020’s effort to raise awareness for ocean conservation efforts.

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Pop Art Plastic, Warehouse Arts District

Artist: Elle LeBlanc. About the mural: The cheerful pink, yellow and baby blue in this mural belie St. Pete-based Elle LeBlanc’s very serious message about plastic pollution in our waterways. One of the 2020 SHINE Mural Fest’s largest murals, it was painted on the external wall of a local hydroponic farm.

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[Untitled], M.L. King North District

Artist: Bask. About the mural: In line with the 2020 SHINE Mural Festival’s ocean conservation theme, St. Pete muralist Bask delves into ocean exploration with an eerie portrayal of an old-school diver juxtaposed against the moon and a Jacques Cousteau quote. It is featured on the side of a building that houses a law firm.

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[Mangroves], Waterfront Museum District

Artists: Kenny Coil & Marc Berenguer (Breakmaiden). About the mural: This homage to St. Pete’s critical mangrove habitats depicts fish, wading birds and pelicans thriving in a mangrove habitat that surrounds three large buildings. Part of Shine 2020’s ocean conservation theme, the mural aims to urge people to protect ecosystems like this.

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Mangroves and Manatees, Waterfront Museum District

Artist: Tatiana Suarez. About the mural: Visitors and locals alike love spotting manatees in the water off St. Pete-Clearwater and paddling in the serene mangrove-lined waterways along the coast.  As part of SHINE Mural Festival’s 2020 ocean conservation theme, Miami artist Tatiana Saurez’s mural shows vulnerable Florida manatees swimming among a delicate mangrove habitat.

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Rise Above, Waterfront Museum District

Artist: Alex Yanes. About the mural: Miami artist Alex Yanes embraces an action-oriented message as part of the 2020 SHINE Mural Fest's ocean conservation theme. The 3-D mural’s arrangement of colors and shapes hints at the interplay between water and land.

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